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Pug’s Breath, an indica dominant hybrid strain, is a direct descendant of the popular and well known Mendo Breath strain. These potent flowers are hard to come by, and offers a delicious vanilla and earthy aroma that is quite distinguished. The buds are nice and sticky, and full of flavour, with a smooth smoke. If you haven’t tried this before, why not try something new? This rare strain is hard to come by and appears once in a while only! As an indica dominant hybrid, users of Pugs Breath report feeling a nice full body and happy tingly effect that hits almost immediately after your first few tokes. Users will feel a nice cerebral buzz that immediately lifts your mood, allowing you to feel much more social and happy. Users within the medical marijuana community have reported that this strain may be helpful in alleviating body focused ailments, such as chronic pain, inflammation, cramps, and also muscle spasms. Many users also report using Pugs Breath to help in alleviating stress, as a result of the euphoric effects of Pugs Breath.

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